axis workshop

Axis Workshop is a design proposal for a nonprofit organization to turn the old Valparaiso Technical Institute community college in Valparaiso, Indiana into a creative "hub" for the town.

Built in 1905, the Tech was first owned by the Pitkin & Brooks Glass Company and since has been operated by many different organizations including the Dodge Telegraph and Radio Institute, and most well-known, the Valparaiso Technical Institute (VTI). In 1991, the VTI was closed and half of the property buildings were demolished. The few remaining buildings are scattered with office spaces, a couple of photography studios, and other small businesses. The main building that the nonprofit will be working out of has ample space and workrooms, aesthetically pleasing vintage remnants, and plenty of potential to grow.

It is this nonprofit's mission “To create a community workshop where hand’s-on creativity can flourish.” -Elias Crim

This nonprofit will be using the space to create an environment for creatives to come and not only work, but to also learn and grow with one another. This facility will be the new Western entrance to Valparaiso and will house a coworking space, an art center, and a makerspace. In efforts to keep this storyteller space alive, much of the buildings rich history will be displayed throughout the building. The target audience for the Tech Project is not only the youth of the community interested in engaging creative opportunities, but also local adults looking for a stimulating space to house their professional services. As an interactive creative learning space, the opportunities held at the Tech will be open to everyone ranging from children through adults.

I worked with a team of designers to create an identity for this facility that would get the community excited about the future of the space, as well as help to get the organization's name out to the community by the way of a website, social media, and other marketing deliverables. In researching the different names for the term "hub," we came across "axis." We thought it was a fun play on words for giving the community access to a local makerspace, as well as being the center, the core, the hub of a creative community. The open-ended triangle in this logo is a symbol of that inviting creative community. The inner blue triangle represents the local workshop community of creatives who are encouraged to go out and explore their surrounding community. The outer black triangle represents the surrounding community of people who are being invited to come over and explore this organization's makerspace, Axis Workshop. Our proposal was promoted through fundraisers and town meetings, but due to lack of funds, our proposal for Axis Workshop unfortunately fell through.