Moon Unit Skateboards

Moon Unit Skateboards is a space-themed skateboard company thriving to expand the imaginations and diversity of our local skate community. Skateboarding has always been a very inclusive and supportive community of people. No matter who you are, you're welcome to join the fun. Moon Unit Skateboards absolutely loves this quality and decided to help promote this message even further. The name Moon Unit was actually created by Frank Zappa as a name for his daughter and defined it as "one that orbits the moon." With skaters floating around on boards everywhere, it seemed only natural to have a space-themed skateboard company about moon units cruising around planets and stars. Plus, how could you get more inclusive than including every being in the entire universe? The name was just perfect.

I created both a type-based logo and an illustration-based logo for Moon Unit. The image-based logo contains a comic style drawing of a jet propulsion skateboard orbiting around the moon. I also used dark purple/blue and electric yellow to resemble how night time looks in comic books. The company's product line includes skateboard decks, griptape, wheels, apparel, stickers, buttons, bags, and more. The business cards and select stickers are printed on griptape. With the right lighting, it even kind of resembles the night sky. More illustrations for decks, grip, and apparel will be coming soon. So keep an eye out, but until then, float on.