polluted intimacies

Pollution may seem like a distant problem, unmanageable by the individual; however, many pollutants are closer than they seem. Services like fracking, poor waste management, and genetic modification are just a few examples of technologies that can be problematic to common households. Many American homes today are plagued with either undetected or disregarded harmful foods, products, and processes that can be detrimental to people’s health. From our pillows dipped in carcinogenic, fire retardant to the possessive and distracting technologies that we communicate with, the intimacy of our community's homes and personal lives are being progressively tainted.

This body of work explores both physical and mental pollutants found throughout common households. Each pollutant is made apparent by the indicator of fire or flames. Setting the pollutants on fire brings attention to the matter and stresses its pressing severity. Variances of people carelessly in close perimeters to the toxic flames signifies their lack of efforts to fight for a healthier solution. The intention of this work is to raise awareness about understated, household pollutants and motivate the public to convert to a healthier, less-polluted lifestyle.