SqueeG ink

SqueeG Ink is a design concept for an independently owned silkscreen printing company. (Although I really should just make it a real thing at this point.)

As a printmaker with experience in apparel & sign printing, I thought it would be fun to design my own home-based screen printing business. This company offers hand-printed services for goods such as apparel and textiles, tote bags, coasters, koozies, buttons, posters, and more. Art and brand solution services are also available.

While designing this logo, I decided to utilize some tools of the trade that for some geeky reason have always visually excited me. The icon I chose is the profile shape of a squeegee that is used to pull ink through screens.  Even if it is not so recognizable to the average person, I thought the elegant, curvy shape was interesting and bold enough to entice people. I also incorporated a registration mark (which is used to register designs) as the base for my icon to sit on.  I chose a loose cursive font for the company name to accentuate the artistic feel of hand-made ink printing. As a very process-based trade that uses a four color ink process to generate photo-realistic colors, I chose to use the process colors of black and yellow for this color palette. With these bold, fierce colors, I wanted this brand to look exciting, energetic and eager to get printing.

With an icon based on the squeegee shape, I thought the weird, fun word squeegee would be suiting. Leaving off the extra ee's at the end of the word squeegee makes it unique for a company name. I also thought it would be playful to add the word ink to again reference the printmaking process and act as a pun for the incorporated "inc." As an industry that does not necessarily need a walk-in showroom, but just a place to work and advertise, this company is home-based and relies on online marketing and sales to reach potential clients. It's a DIY industry that promotes the support of small, local businesses and betters our economy. Through strong online presence, social media marketing, and local advertising, I believe this company could thrive without the excess money and work it would take to have a storefront. (Until the company gets flooded with orders because their work is so amazing and it gets to grow into a bigger shop with a fancy, cool storefront and gallery.)