Top SEcret

In the Internet age, anyone has the right to publish content online without any regulations. Deciphering the reliability of information is a challenge, if not impossible. Complicating the matter further is the history of secrecy in the United States government. In order to keep a number of projects secret from the general public the government has provided misinformation and misleading distractions. Now declassified, these projects shed light on previously hidden political agendas while leaving just enough room to provoke curiosity about present-day conspiracies. The history of withholding information and manipulating media has created confusion regarding which sources can be deemed credible and has lead to a culture of paranoia.

This body of work references declassified projects and events that the United States government had once kept secret. Because of the bizarre subject matter, some of these operations may seem hard to believe and can further perpetuate paranoid conspiracies. Using screen printed illustrations with satirical captions, I examine the manipulation of media and encourage people to question their present-day belief systems.